The service is chosen for the construction and operation of multilingual web media for foreign visitors to Japan increasing the contents daily.

Irodori inc. operates Osaka sightseeing guide website “BATTERA” corresponding in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese and Thai. In this website, three bloggers broadcast the contents of foodie and sightseeing information which they want to recommend for foreign visitors. Those contents are connected to the famous foodie blogs such as “M’s lunch” which reaches monthly 2 million PV mainly in the Kansai area started since September 2014, and “Sweets reporter Chihiro” which is a sweets ranking site which has monthly 800,000 PV, and “Kanmi’s tabetabe diary” edited by a popular reviewer from “Tabelog” which is the search engine for restaurants in Japan.

The business partner blogs increase the new contents day by day, so those contents must be translated in each language smoothly and without delay. The operation flow is established to publish the contents in 24 hours by using Spoke to translate into 4 languages of English, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


Professional translators translate in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Thai.


Request the translation for increased contents daily 365 days per year


Publish contents in 24 hours after requesting translation.

“The accuracy of translation and its speed is just amazing”

CEO Masato Fukushima
– In November 2013, resigned the web production company after 16 years and founded Irodori, Inc
– On 9th of September 2014, launched Osaka sightseeing guide website “BATTERA” collaborating together with the popular bloggers.